Tinder Pickup Lines: Part Two

For whatever reason  Tinder Pickup Lines: Part One was a huge hit. I still haven’t found my soulmate, I may or may not have gotten any better at communicating, I may or may not have gone on some dates, but I did turn it into a higher number of matches and some more interesting pickup lines.  Below are some of my favorites. Some are good, some are bad, some you just have to read for yourself. The pickup lines this week seemed to have the theme of bad grammar so I apologize to any grammar nazis who might be reading (they probably aren’t because my grammar routinely sucks).

Disclaimer: As always all pickup lines are completely unedited. In other words if you can’t spell I didn’t save your ass before telling the internet.


I’d call heaven and tell them they’re missing an angel, but I’m kind of hoping you’re a naughty girl

Rosie O’Donnel, Bill Clinton, Tom Brady; you need to kill one, bang one, and marry one. Go!

Two things peaked my interest: coffee addiction and ur brown eyes

Hey your a cutie I couldn’t pass you up

Hey! So you’re, like, really pretty!

Hey loke those glasses! My name is kyle. How are you?

If you’re a Packers fan we can’t be friends.. I gre up in Chicago..Da Bears

You’re vegan. That’s neat! Everyone else in my family is vegan. Not me though. Bacon.

Ur beautiful

I’d be willing to get some coffee with you, but it’d be better in my bed and with either kalua or Irish cream.

I think you’re cutr

I was in school but I didn’t really apply myself that well so now I work at UPS :'(. What do you do?

Breaking News: Donald Trump Revealed as Reptilian Shapeshifter

I’m currently drinking and tinder


Well we matched so I just thought I’d message you lol.

Oh no I’m sorry love! Don’t be mad haha / Oops wrong person…nice to meet you! 🙂

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I like what I see, and would love to get coffee with you.


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