Fifteen Things I Learned in 2015

Another year has come and gone. We are another year older, another year wiser, and somehow we managed to make it out alive. I made some really stupid decisions and managed to turn them into some really great stories. I made friends and I lost friends. I laughed until I cried and I cried until I laughed. I consumed a lot of alcohol. So before we raise our glasses one last time, lets take a look back at the life lessons I managed to pull from the wreckage.

  1. You never need that last shot – Take it anyway. If it doesn’t make you feel better the story it leads to will.
  2. Frat houses are gross – Go anyway. Even if the night ends with people tossing bottles it will be a night to remember.
  3. Waffle House is best at 1am – That doesn’t mean you can’t go there for breakfast occasionally either.
  4. Snapchat is hard – Looking cute, not having shitty lighting, knowing when to ignore the asshole off tinder that will eventually ask for nudes, snapchat is hard. When you learn how to get over the challenge and enjoy it the rest of your life will seem easy.
  5. Friendships have seasons – Some people are only meant to stay in your life for a short amount of time. Let them walk away when they need to, the people who replace them will be pretty fucking awesome.
  6. Pairing season is a thing – Just because everyone else is pairing up doesn’t mean you need to. Just because he knows how to dance doesn’t make him perfect.
  7. Hooking up doesn’t heal heartache – It doesn’t make it any worse either. Time heals all wounds so you might as well do something to make the wait more enjoyable.
  8. The gym is a wonderful place – You won’t ever actually want to go, but every time you show up you will remember that running a mile and lifting heavy objects feels pretty awesome.
  9. Eating right does great things – Your body will thank you when you aren’t constantly sick and loosing weight is a great feeling.
  10. Budgeting is hard – Do it anyway. Finally being an adult means finally paying bills. Keep the electric on and it will be easier to afford more alcohol.
  11. Sleep is hard to come by senior year of college – Insomnia and PTSD won’t make it any better. If you can find a way to stop sleeping with the lights on both of them will get better.
  12. Never say no to coke and whiskey – Even if it is before 11am. Good friends make for good times which make for even better memories.
  13. Always have your ID on you – You never know when 15 minutes of downtime will turn into a quick drink at a bar. You don’t want to be the one that is left out.
  14. Political views are never set in stone – Educate yourself and learn about what really matters to you.
  15. Family comes in all forms – Sometimes that means your friends stand in as your siblings and you pretend you are an orphan. It doesn’t make your life dysfunctional, it makes is survivable.

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