Sixteen Things I’m Going to do More of in 2016

Yesterday I summarized all the life lessons I managed to learn the hard way last year. I wouldn’t change those lessons or experiences for the world but sometimes you need to move forward and grow as a person. Sometimes that means doing it responsibly but for the sake of me being me I’m honestly just looking for things that will help me continue to string along my semblance of a life until this time next year. I don’t really do resolutions because the idea of waiting until an arbitrary date to start something you will eventually quit just kind of seems stupid to me. Look at this like a bucket list for the upcoming year. I won’t do everything all at once, but every  so often I will stop and realize I need a little more life in my step and hopefully I will take one of these suggestions.

  1. Leave my apartment – I have a terrible case of wanderlust but I also enjoy sitting on the couch doing nothing. The things I want to do reside outside and the first step to getting them done means getting off my ass.
  2. Leave my college town – I love the people I go to school with. I don’t hate the town my school happens to be located in. I just really want to see some of the places that aren’t immediately at my fingertips on a daily basis.
  3. Leave my state – I love living here but aside from 12 hours at a football game over a year ago I haven’t left since the day I moved here. The south is full of wonderful places and I would really like to see some of them.
  4. Put more miles on my car – Driving is one of my favorite things. While I don’t currently own a car that is fun to drive it is still considerably better than not having a car at all. I’m 22 and I have driven 2 cars into the ground. Maybe 2016 will be the year this one finally gives up on me too.
  5. Meet new people – Some of the best friends I have ever met came out of 2015. I stopped caring so much about my reputation and it started bringing me the kind of people I actually wanted to be associating with.
  6. Spend time with sisters – I’m in a sorority. I love my sisters. I also have a lot of friends that are not affiliated. I spend a disproportionate amount of time with my non-affiliate friends. I should probably do something about tipping the scale back towards even.
  7. Watch the sunrise – If this means staying up all night then so be it. I have only ever seen the sunrise once. From a bus window on the way to a football game we would eventually lose to University of Kentucky. It would be kind of cool to see it happen on a day that didn’t end up sucking the life out of me.
  8. Use my passport – The likelihood of me leaving the country this year is low but I have heard that if you use your passport to buy alcohol you get some interesting looks. I paid enough money for the thing I probably should use it a few more times before it expires.
  9. Drink more coffee – It is already determined I will be the lucky senior taking two victory laps on my college tour, I don’t need anything to happen that will potentially make that three. More coffee usually increases productivity so maybe I can finish those research papers without wanting to stick needles in my eyes.
  10. Skip Class – There are some classes I just can’t skip. Too many days of hitting snooze and you automatically get to repeat the course. There are other classes I legitimately could go the entire semester without attending and probably still get an A. Skipping work after I graduate won’t be this easy so I might as well take advantage of it while I can.
  11. Do my study hours – C’s get degrees but only if you can maintain a 2.75 GPA. I’m actually enrolled in some classes that are going to suck so I should probably get use to what the inside of the library looks like.
  12. Go out on a weeknight – Nothing exciting happens in a college bar on a Saturday night. If I’m going to go out I really need to start doing it on the nights that don’t suck.
  13. Stop always volunteering to be the DD – I love my friends and I want them to get home safe but they are fully capable of driving occasionally. I’m 22 alcohol is fun and sometimes I actually want that shot that is sitting on the bar.
  14. Get a real haircut – Two years ago I bought a pair of scissors. I think I have paid for one or two real haircuts since. I feel like I should maybe take the time to invest in myself and see if maybe I don’t hate it.
  15. Cry – I can count on one hand the number of times I let go and allowed myself to have emotions in 2015. I don’t plan on increasing that number but I need to remember that sometimes it is okay to have that mental break down.
  16. Tell that person how I really feel – I try to keep my emotions out of things as much as I can. When people piss me off I will vent about them to friends and sisters but I will never actually do something that could piss that person off in return. Sometimes I should. This year, I’ll be coming for you.

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