What I Learned From Ringing in 2016 with 16 Drinks

If you didn’t pick up on it from my Christmas posts holiday’s are not things I enjoy. Probably because I have never done them well.Freshman year I decided to do New Years with my parents and I honestly have no idea what we ended up doing but it probably included sitting at home watching the countdown on NBC. Sophomore year of college I went downtown with my boyfriend at the time, he got trashed, I got my bag slashed, we ended up back at my parents house at 11PM watching the countdown on NBC. Junior year of college I met up with a friend from school which ended with me shooting him down around 9PM as he tried to hookup with me in the back seat of my car, going home and watching the countdown with my parents on NBC. Notice a trend?

As a college senior I finally figured out how to do both my life and holidays right. 2015 was quite the ride and New Years Eve was more of the same. I spent the past year filling my life with experiences that have changed me into a person I am happy with. I found a way to surround myself with amazing people who continue to introduce me to other amazing people. Last night some of those amazing people introduced me to an amazing amount of alcohol and the cup I was holding when I raised my arm for the toast at midnight was holding my sixteenth drink in an eight hour period. It was never my intention to put that much alcohol into my body in such a short amount of time, but I definitely learned some things that I need to remember if I ever decide to attempt this feat on purpose.

  1. Start early and pace yourself – I started a little after lunch. I then stopped drinking for 3 hours. The led up to me consuming a large amount of alcohol in the span of an hour which resulted in 45 minutes of behavior that for better or worse I remember very well.
  2. Eat real food – I started the day without breakfast. I had ramen for lunch which was immediately followed by a mix of whiskey/wine/rum (it sounds awful but I promise it is worth at least a taste). Dinner was salad, steamed vegetables, french fries, and whiskey and coke. At some point around 10PM I had a handful of potato chips. I escaped without a hangover however standing was difficult at one point. I somehow managed to keep my clothes on, my shoes on, and not fall down any stairs.
  3. Start drinking water early – If there is a cup or bottle in my hand I will empty it into my stomach. I waited until 11PM to start drinking water. There was period of time in which I was not confident in my ability to fill a bottle with water. I ended up following various people around like a lost puppy waiting for them to give me water.
  4. I’m annoying when I’m drunk – I have been told many times that for the most part I can hold my life together pretty well when I’m drunk. I’m a fairly annoying person when I’m sober, it just tends to come out a little more when I’m drunk. This probably has something to do with me thinking  am incapable of doing things myself and then following people around like a lost puppy until they do them for me. I also refuse to stay in one place after asking someone to do something for me because no matter how much I trust you when I’m sober, I won’t trust you to take care of me when I’m trashed. Even if you have done it before.
  5. Drinking more won’t make anyone more attractive – Many people have told me they are more likely to get laid with the help of some alcohol. Men have constantly told me that as a woman I could get laid whenever I want, particularly if I add alcohol to the situation. I’m starting to think either I am developing higher standards or losing my interest in sleeping around. I spent last night surrounded my attractive men. I know I kissed one of them. I might have kissed two of them. Nothing more was ever going to result from either of them.
  6. Not having expectations makes the night better – I’ve never had a great holiday. I’ve never had a proper New Years Eve. Then last night happened. Perhaps it was because of what I have to compare it to but I really think it is because I had no clue what it would actually be like.
  7. Drunk people are actually pretty awesome – Aside from the awesome people who convinced me to partake in my proper New Years Eve I don’t remember most of the people I met last night. I know I had a great time. I know I had some really great conversations. I know several people gave me a hug when they left this morning.

To find out what the rest of the blogging community was doing last night go read about it on The Daily Post – The Stroke of Midnight



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