Life Lessons From Sophie Kinsella

A few nights ago I finished the first book I have read so far in 2016. The works of Sophie Kinsella were a staple of my personal library in high school. Her books have a way of allowing my mind to escape to the world of people whose lives are significantly simpler than mine, with problems far more grave than mine, in a city I love. Her books are addicting. Her characters drive me up a wall. Through most of her books I want nothing more than to grab the protagonist by the shoulders and shake her into next Tuesday.

I picked up I’ve Got Your Number out of the large print section of a local used book store while I was on vacation with my family for Christmas. Around page 20 I hated the protagonist Poppy Wyatte so much that I had buried the book in my suitcase momentarily vowing to never look at it again. Like I have said before I am not a quitter, so when I found the book while packing for my New Years Eve trip it found its way back into my bag as I vowed to trudge my way though the book if it was the last thing I did.

I don’t know how she does it. Sophie Kinsella can take my least favorite fictional character of all time and turn her into an inspiring person in a matter of 3 pages. She can make me fall in love with Poppy Wyatte. She can make me feel as if I would take a bullet for a fictional character I spent most of the book hating. She can put me on a rollercoaster of emotions over a fictional character that rivals anything I have felt for an actual human. Then she can make me revaluate my own life. When have I acted like Poppy, responded the way she responded, thought the way she thought? Who in my life is the person who turns me on my heals and makes me tolerable? Who in my life is the person who reminds me I need to stake my claim on my life and speak my mind?  I’ll give you a hint, they texted me the moment I set the book on the table next to me and reminded me something that reminded me of the real reason I read Sophie Kinsella; It isn’t possible to walk away from a Sophie Kinsella book without a better outlook on yourself.

“You’re a pearl on the necklace of life”


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