9.5 Hours and 237 Miles

Have you ever had that feeling where you just needed to flee? Not necessarily fleeing from something, just needing to flee to somewhere? An incredible urge to run to no where in particular? One of the benefits of being an adult is being able to act on that impulse. A few days ago I was sitting at lunch with a sister when I felt like the walls of our college town were closing in on us. We had discussed taking a trip to the Walmart in the next town over when we both realized we really wanted to go to Target and I really wanted to leave Tennessee.

Looking at the map we determined the closest target that was also across state lines was a little over 2 hours away. So we filled my car with gas and took off on what ended up being a 9.5 hour road trip. We went to Target (twice), Five Guys (just for fries), Culvers (because even if all you can ethically eat there as a vegan is soda the blue cup is still comfort food), a mall (because two sorority girls aren’t going to pass up that opportunity), and the rest stop on the way back to Tennessee because we didn’t get to pass a ‘Welcome to Kentucky’ sign. Apparently when you take the back roads you don’t ever see the welcome sign, instead you end up stoping at a gas station in the middle of nowhere asking the cashier what state you are in.

It was a beautiful trip and one I most definitely needed. It might just be the thing in my head talking but I have never felt such an urge to do it again and we already have plans for a visit to Alabama (likely next weekend), with Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri all on the short list for more weekend road trips. When I created my list of Sixteen Things I’m Going to do More of in 2016 I never expected I would have a health scare that would inspire me to start taking the list so seriously so soon. I really didn’t think I would check off 5 things in one day (at the rate I’m going I will likely cross off all 16 items at least once by the end of the month).



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