5 Hours and 194 Miles

As I have mentioned before I have a terrible case of wanderlust and one of the benefits of being an adult is having the ability to act on that desire to travel. I never expected I would end up doing so much driving in such a short amount of time ( 5 road trips in 5 days). Originally I was not planning on going anywhere on Friday or Saturday however yesterday’s trip sparked my heart’s interest in seeing and doing everything I possibly can before classes start on Tuesday.

Today started like a normal day in a deserted college town. Spending time with friends, lunch in a college bar, watching too much Netflix, and somewhere along the line the decision was made to take a road trip to Atlanta on Saturday so a group of us could go to Ikea (I need a tv stand and 3 of my sisters were not about to say no to a road trip to Ikea). As I was getting my life settled for a quiet night at home I realized my phone was acting up. All of my contacts were deleted. When I restored my contacts they deleted again. Then my backup deleted. I went through my text messages and recent calls restoring contact names 7 times in the span of an hour. I went to the Verizon in my college town to see if they could fix the problem and their best solution was to go to the apple store (an hour and a half away). I didn’t want to make a drive to Atlanta tomorrow with a malfunctioning phone and decided it would be a good idea to get my phone fixed tonight. I called a sister and 20 minutes later we were city bound.

In 2 days I have been to 2 malls in 2 different states (tomorrow that number could very well become 2 malls in 3 states in 3 days). Thankfully my phone repair only took about 15 minutes, leaving us plenty of time to wander the mall, spend too much money, stop at a midwest chain restaurant for another day of comfort food, and visit one of my friends who lives in the city. Upon returning home I then proceeded to sober bar hop running into several friends along the way. When I woke up Friday morning I wouldn’t have even guessed I would have the energy for as much as I ended up packing into a second day on the road, but I’m glad I did. It is 110% likely at this point that these 5 days of consecutive road trips are mostly due to me grasping at ways to cope with the thing inside my head, but right now I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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