4 Hours and 150 Miles

On Monday I took my last of 5 consecutive road trips. While the other trips were purely for the purpose of having fun and finding myself this road trip had a little more necessity. Along with the thing inside my head which causes me to have severe migraines almost constantly I also have sever TMJ. There is a wonderful doctor who will eventually be able to fix my jaw, however my insurance is currently sitting at a stalemate refusing to pay for the treatment. As a result the only thing I can afford (which thankfully helps both my jaw and my migraines) is injections, into my head.

Until recently I have only been able to afford small rounds of injections, cycling through them at such a slow pace I have never fully experienced what it is like to be pain free. Monday’s road trip resulted in me getting a full round of injections for the first time. I made the appointment a week prior and spent just about every waking second until noon on Monday excited for the appointment. It wasn’t until my best friend picked me up and we got on the road that I realized I was actually a little frightened. A full round of injections is usually anywhere from 8-12 (I ended up getting 16). Growing up as the child who was constantly bouncing in and out of hospitals I’m not afraid of needles and I have a very high pain tolerance. Most of the injections themselves didn’t actually hurt, however in order to find the injection site the Doctor has to press firmly onto various spots on your head to find what hurts the most.

Leaving the office on Monday afternoon I felt amazing. I was 100% pain free for the first time I could ever remember. 20 minutes later I felt like I had gotten hit by a train (probably because I had just had 16 needles in my head). I spent a good portion of the car ride home trying to fall asleep. When I got home I immediately opened a bottle of wine. I ended up spending most of the night laying in bed, watching Netflix, and drinking wine from the bottle. 24 hours later I was back to feeling normal (the muscles in my face were a little stiff but they were all fully functioning and pretty much pain free). All things considered it was probably the least exciting of my 5 road trips, but sitting here writing this knowing I will be pain free for 3-4 months makes me realize it was definitely the most necessary.


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