I Don’t Like You but I Also Don’t Want You to Die

On Friday my college town experienced 12 inches of snow in a single day. In an average winter we typically see 6-7 inches of snow spread out across the entire season. As a result the entire city shut down. I have received a lot of complaints from various people about my views on the snow and my reaction to it. These people seem to fall into two distinct categories and it is driving me nuts.

The first category of people seem to think I am making fun of them for their reaction to the snow. This is in no way accurate. I am ridiculously excited about the snow because it has been years since I have witnessed a substantial snowfall. I spent years of my childhood on ski hills and raced competitively for many years. No other natural phenomenon will make me as happy as snowfall. That being said I personally consider small amounts of snow to be adorable. Not because I am making fun of your reaction to its existence, but because until I moved south I rarely saw snowfalls in accumulation totals under 3 inches and it is a new experience for me (just like seeing snow in accumulation totals in excess of a foot is a new experience for a lot of you). I am also in no way belittling you and trying to tell you it is a good idea to go outside and drive around in the snow because “up north we would be driving”. Up north roads are pretreated for snow. Roads are then continuously treated as the snow falls helping maintain them to safe driving conditions. If the roads up north were covered with any snow (even just a few inches) and were not treated people wouldn’t drive, they would stay inside until it was safe to be on the roads again.

The second category of people seem to think I am trying to belittle them by telling them the roads are unsafe. Like I said before up north there are resources to help make the roads safe to drive. Over my lifetime I have witnessed over 2,000 inches of snowfall and as a result I have experienced a lot of driving in the snow. I took drivers education over one of the worst winters on record in my home town. I took my drivers test with almost 2 feet of snow on the ground. Multiple members of my family work in car insurance and have worked in car insurance in all 50 states. When I tell you it is unsafe to drive or post something online about how the road conditions are not safe it is not because I am trying to talk down to you, it is because I have personally attended the funerals of several people who died in car wrecks due to snow (either from death on impact or from death due to exposure because they were stranded too far from the road to receive help). When I tell you I personally feel it is unsafe for you to drive it is not because I am trying to tell you I don’t think you are capable of driving in the snow, it is because I am telling you I don’t believe anyone (myself included) is capable os safely driving in the current conditions.

You may or may not like what I have to say and that is perfectly fine, but I am not trying to talk down to you. I am not trying to tell you that I am superior to you. I am not trying to sound pretentious. So you can continue to talk about me on the internet pretending I won’t see what you say and know it is directed at me. I will continue to try and warn people driving on untreated snowy roads can cause them their life. I don’t care if you get upset with me for the warning, if it keeps me from going to another funeral it means I have done something right.


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