Stuck in the Snow and Covered in Maple Syrup

Snow and adolescence are the only problems that disappear if you ignore them long enough.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, snow is kind of my thing. On Friday January 22nd my college town received over a foot of snow. All classes were canceled, the state of Tennessee was in a state of emergency, most cities had implemented a travel ban. By the time Sunday rolled around I was getting a little stir crazy just sitting in my apartment and most of the roads in town were starting to be treated. I had cooked my way through all of my food (granted I still had enough leftovers to feed a small army) and knit my way through all of my yarn. I also missed one of my sisters like crazy (and she had run out of some staple household items, cue Walmart run).

My first red flag probably should have come when I needed the assistance of multiple guys to push me out of my parking space at my apartment. I desperately miss the days when I use to drive my dodge because I could literally get that car out of anything (3 feet of snow? I might not be able to see out the windshield but I could make the car move). My poor GM, struggles at even the thought of snow. With the assistance of my neighbors, and about 15 minutes worth of work I managed to make my way out of my apartment complex.

When I got to my sister’s apartment I figured leaving wouldn’t be a challenge (what a joke). With the help of my sister and a nice bystander (wearing shorts and a West Virginia shirt) We were able to push my car out with another 15-20 minutes worth of work. Our drive to Jimmy Johns, Walmart, and Papa Johns (we ordered Pizza while sitting at Jimmy Johns because we figured we would be hungry by the time we got home). When we returned to her apartment I instantly regretted the decision to drive into her parking lot for the second time. Two grown men had shown up with a snow plow to attempt to clear the parking lot.

Over the course of an hour, I burned through a significant amount of gasoline while the men who had been trying to plow tried to push my car out of the parking space. They ended up giving up and eventually continued to plow (burying my car further in the space it had been stuck in). I eventually called my best friend assuming he would have some power to help me move my car (yea because the iced over parking lot was totally going to allow that to happen). I ended up sitting in the bed of his truck (which was conveniently covered in Maple Syrup) with my sister while he tried to get his truck unstuck from the parking lot.

I love my sister to death.  I love her even more now that I have seen her face as she held firmly onto me with one hand and the bed of the truck with the other while he inched his truck out of the snow and then gunned it up a hill to prevent getting stuck again. We were covered in maple syrup but I once again got that amazing feeling of standing outside in the dark, surrounded by snow, wind on my face, feeling at home. For those 5 seconds as I held onto my sister headed up hill I remembered what it feels like to be headed down a hill at 50mph. I don’t care what I have to do to get myself there, but I will do whatever I can to make sure I get skis back on my feet this winter.

I think snow is so evocative and has such a powerful atmosphere.


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