The Best of Tinder Bios: Part Three

If you haven’t noticed I spend a lot of time on Tinder. As a result I have seen some pretty awesome bios. Here are 20 I felt needed to be shared with the world.

Disclaimer: Some bios may be edited for length. All quotes are kept in their original context. In other words if you can’t spell I didn’t save your ass before telling the internet.

Always on the road for work. If we match and its not in Chicago, I will trade free drinks for a tour of your fine city/town/intersection.

That’s not my cat.

I have the ability to pause shows on Netflix at anytime to give you pizza rolls.

I want to wake up and know I’ve had a heck of a ride. We don’t know how many times we get to wake up.

I make up for my small penis with my youthful good looks, boyish charm, and sense of humor

Chef. Nerd. Nihilish. Movie buff. Libra. Gamer. Marijuana enthusiast. Potty mouth. Let’s cook food and go on an adventure!

I haven’t had any complaints so far

I Like to think I’m pretty adventurous, but then there’s the side of me that watches too much Netflix.


More of a sinner than a saint, I’m a gun toting, tobacco chew spittin, Tennessee hat wearing, southern conservative. I’ll call your momma ma’am and shake your daddy’s hand. I love college football, Eric Church, and Sunday’s in the South

This again…Single for over 6 months. Just seeing what’s out there.

Chicken fingers with fries we don’t go on dates.

Born in and raised Tennessee. I’m a southern gentleman. 6’2′ Fraternity man. Not afraid to get dirty, I where a suit and tie to work, but any night is a goodnight as long as I have my jeans, boots on, and a beer in my hand. I love to hang out with the guys. Rocky Top is my home. If we match up, message me. I won’t bite I promise.

Marketing major. Pretty chill. Down to hang out, do whatever. Canadian through and through. I’m just looking to have fun if you are. 6’3/ Special talents include cooking minute rice in only 58 seconds, and on rare occasion, kinda do “the worm”. I own many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

If you’re lucky…I’ll buy you taco bell. I’m a mechanic so I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty xD

Connoisseur of pizza, enthusiast of puns, and author of terrible pickup lines. Let’s talk about The Office. Quick at math.

On a scale of 1-murica how free are you? By the  way Roll tide

I’m just on here to pass the time and meet new people. Moved here a year ago to pursue better career opportunities. I love eating out, food is life, let’s set a date to eat! I’m an Aries. Helping people realize their true potential is my passion. I also have 10 different accents, I used to be a small time actor.

Looking for a friend with benefits. This isn’t really my style. I’m no bedroom hopper. Clean, Drama free and discrete are valued! Live a little, right? Send me a message if you’re serious.

Only on here to spread the word about my mixtape


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