How a Trip to Chick Fil-A Caused me to Raise my Standards

I like to live my life to the fullest. Sometimes that means I overcompensate. Last semester it meant I lowered my standards and raised the count on the number of people I’ve fallen into bed (couch/floor/elevated surface) with. As a general rule most of the people I have slept with don’t know the other people I have slept with (it does great things for preventing things from getting messy). However when you live in a smallish college town eventually you will reach a point where even if they don’t know each other, multiple people you have slept with will all end up in the same room.

Towards the end of last semester I went to dinner with one of my best friends at Chic Fil-A (he ate dinner, I ate fries). I finished my food first and then proceeded to glance around the dinning room to waste time (because why on earth would you actually hold a conversation sitting with the person across the table from you). As I began to glance around the room I began to make eye contact with various people from my not so recent past. The guy I had hooked up with at a frat party a few weeks prior, the guy I had gone home from the bar with a month prior, the guy I had gone home with after making out with two of his best friends, the guy I had slept with the weekend I thought I was pregnant so I could potentially have a backup plan on paternity, the guy who blacked out after drinking too much whiskey, they were all there.

In the span of 5 minutes, 5 different men I had slept with in the span of a semester walked into Chick Fil-A, ordered food, found a table, and a way to make eye contact with me. It wasn’t until I was walking out that I realized for a normal person that would have been an awkward experience. Had any of them known each others names, or the fact that I had slept with all of them, perhaps it would have been. As I walked out I realized I wasn’t ashamed of how many people I had slept with (far from it, I was actually a little proud of being able to have that many people I had hooked up with in one room at one time without anyone else knowing) but I realized after seeing all 5 of them side by side in the day light, perhaps I should raise my standards.


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