Reasons You Should Live Alone in Your 20s

I am a firm believer that at some point in their adult life everyone should experience what it is like to live alone. It takes some getting use to and in the long run it isn’t for everyone, but it will teach you some really great life lessons.

  1. Breakfast at Midnight – Regardless of what you will openly admit, everyone can sing the words to at least one Taylor Swift song. So crank some 22, make pancakes at midnight, and have a dance party all to yourself. I promise it will be the best time you have ever had alone and it will set the tone for a great week.
  2. Learning About Yourself – Learning how to live with and coexist with other people is great, but you learn more about yourself when you are forced to stop being dependent on others.
  3. Sleeping Alone – I will be the first one to admit I enjoy my bed a little bit more when someone else is in it, but learning to sleep alone is a great way to prevent emotional attachment from dominating your entire life. For most people unless you get a divorce your twenties will be the only time in your post high school life you will have a bed to yourself, enjoy it before you have someone snoring so loudly they keep you up all night.
  4. Cooking – I am a firm believer that everyone should have at least a few simple yet delicious meals they can cook themselves. It keeps you from being dependent on other people and it will eventually impress your future spouse when they don’t have to do 100% of the cooking. Plus when you live alone all the food in the fridge belongs to you.
  5. Budgeting Utilities – When you live with roommates it is easy to blame someone else for the rising cost of the electric bill or the cost of the premium cable channels, living alone will teach you if you are actually the roommate who keeps raising the bills.
  6. Security -Living alone you are faced with the new challenge of knowing how to keep your home secure. You don’t have a roommate to save you when you wake up in the morning to find the door to your apartment wide open.
  7. Mental Breakdowns – We all have them. It is no secret that it is easier to make it through a mental breakdown when you have someone by your side, but until you have done it on your own you might not know if that person by your side is really the most effective person to help you. So give it a try, let yourself breakdown when there is no one around to help, become your own hero, you will thank me later.
  8. Learning What Makes You Happy – You get to discover what makes you happy without the influence or judgment of another person. You can learn what hobbies give you a sense of fulfillment without wondering what your roommate thinks about it.
  9. You Can Be Loud in the Middle of the Night – Maybe you want to watch TV late at night, maybe you want a midnight dance party in the living room, maybe you want to have a steady stream of potential suitors tour your bedroom on weeknights. When you live alone you can be a lot louder than you can you if have a roommate.
  10. Cleaning is on You – If the kitchen is messy there is no one to blame but yourself. If the kitchen is clean it is because you did it. You have complete control over the clean/messy spectrum and it is all on you.
  11. Learning to Enjoy Silence – Sitting alone and saying nothing is challenging for some people. Living alone forces you to become comfortable with the silence that surrounds you.
  12. Not Having to Wear Pants – Because pants are inconvenient.

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