That Time I Pregamed a Little too Hard

It is no secret that day drinking has become a part of my life since whiskey entered into it. It is also no secret that I don’t particularly enjoy being sober for my 2:30-3:30 class on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. As a result class is usually prefaced with a 5 minute pregame of my best friend and I taking shots before we walk into the building. We don’t do it because the class is too painful to be sober through, we do it because it is a fun, easy, blow off class that seems to last 5 minutes when you are intoxicated (you blink and class is over). Unfortunately I learned on Friday that anything more then a few shots in the parking lot before class will lead to me being more intoxicated then I had intended once class begins.

As we were leaving the building from our morning classes I expected that my best friend and I would each go home to our separate apartments, eat our separate lunches, and join back up for shots before class started. Instead we went to a bar a few miles from campus. And then we each had a $40 lunch. When I asked how drunk we were planning to get the response I was given was “stumbling” and I think we both took it a little too far. A few drinks in the bartender asked me if I wanted a water, I said no and ordered another round, she brought me water instead. Leaving the bar I felt a little more intoxicated then I usually do after a preclass pregame but I was still very much functioning. Perhaps it just hadn’t hit me yet, perhaps it was the final shot we each took before getting out of the car to go back to class but neither of us held it together.

In the first 30 minutes of class I dropped my pencil and my binder 7 or 8 times. The people around me began looking at me and asking if I was okay. I was rapidly downing water from the bottle next to me but without an opportunity for a bathroom break it was doing more harm then good. My best friend fell asleep for 20 minutes and had he not been sitting in the back row and had our professor not been gone that day, it could have easily been a much more dangerous situation. Moral of the story: I’m going to class sober on Monday.


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