Loosing my Taste for Whiskey

Clearly if you don’t know that I drink a lot you haven’t read very much of my blog. If you were unaware of the brain tumor living inside my head you can read more about it here before continuing with this post.

I have mentioned before that having something in my head often leads to some unusual symptoms, the strangest of which hit me this past week. My tastes buds changed, a lot. This has happened once before in my life when I began following a (mostly) vegan diet I lost my taste for anything sweet, particularly chocolate, cake, ice cream, ect. This time however the change was sudden where as when I went vegan the taste changes occurred over the span of several weeks.

I noticed it for the first time when I pregamed a little too hard with one of my best friends at lunch last week. I ordered my usual drink, and I struggled to get it down. I struggled to get it down to the point that rounds 2-(?) had to be a different drink. A few days later I went back to the same bar, tried the same drink, and while I made it to my second round I couldn’t finish it. A day later still I tried to take a single shot and only got 1/4 of the way through. On Friday I ended up switching to tequila. However it wasn’t just the change of taste in alcohol. Looking at a bottle of whiskey makes me nauseous, to the point in which I had to hide the bottle that was in my apartment. Food that a month ago I got nauseous to look at, I now want to eat constantly (like my mother’s vinegar pasta sauce I have hated all my life).

I’m curious as to if this change is permanent, because if so I might have to spend some quality time bonding with tequila in order to build up the tolerance for it I once had for whiskey. I also might need to find a way to smuggle some of my mom’s pasta sauce back to school with me, because I have a feeling I could eat it for every meal for a week and not get sick of it at this point.


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