Valentine’s Day with my Favorite Fuckboy

My love of writing began 8 years ago when I joined the Varsity Debate team and first discovered my love for research projects. My hatred of research papers began when I discovered whiskey, unreasonable expectations, and short deadlines (because everyone can write a 10-40 page research paper in a week). Try as I might to complete my college research papers with the same energy and diligence as I did in high school my ever advancing age is making it difficult to keep up with my classmates, who 2-4 years younger than I are still easily capable of handling all nighters without a week of recovery.

Unfortunately at the assigning date of all research papers I still am flooded with the initial excitement that washed over me when I won my first debate round and I often over estimate what I will be willing to do in the time before the deadline. Of course the most recent (37 page) paper I completed for Music History 2 was no exception. I had set out with an excessive number of research materials, and over estimate on the amount of reading I was going to be doing, and and underestimate on the amount of alcohol I would be consuming in the 24 hours before the paper was due.

The panic set in 19 hours before the due date when I realized I had made the fatal error of not obtaining one of the required sources for my paper. Knowing my best friend was in possession of, and not currently using, the source I was in need of I called him hoping for a quick run in-run out after a glance at the book. Instead I arrived at his apartment to find no one home and a text requesting my presence at one of the local bars because I needed a ‘study break’. While the study break was more then necessary I would be lying if I didn’t say that I

  1. Got a little too drunk
  2. Opened a textbook on a bar while drinking

College. College is a reasonable excuse for everything isn’t it? Having spent the majority of the day buried in my paper I of course had not eaten anything by deciding drinking at 3 in the afternoon with less then half of my paper completed would be a good idea. So there I was, drunk, tired, underprepared, and in the middle of what ended up being a 5 hour study break (1.5 hours spent drinking, 1 hour bonding with my best friend while explaining my hatred for the subject of my paper, 1 hour spent sleeping, 1.5 hours spent pretending to write my paper but not actually completing anything).

By the time I managed to start functioning and actually read what I had written about my paper I began to realize one of the historical figures I had spent most of my musical life admiring was actually one of the biggest fuckboys of the 19th century. I literally wrote over a page just on his various extramarital affairs and how they impacted his musical career. All things considered I feel like I came out of this with a fairly decent paper. I finished 12 hours before over half of my classmates, got a full night sleep, and wrote half of my paper while slightly intoxicated.It was a great Valentine’s Day.


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