47 Hours and 1,311 Miles (and 6 hours of sleep) 

I’ve taken quite a few road trips so far this year, however this one in particular deserves an honorable mention for being the longest one I’ve taken so far this year, the furthest distance I have ever traveled by car in such a short period of time, and for adding Alabama to the list of states I have visited and watched  the sun rise from a moving vehicle. Below are some of the adventures I had with my best friend in the span of 47 hours.

We started our road trip in our college town and then went to stay with his parents in the Nashville suburbs to catch a few hours of sleep before our early start in the morning. When we started the second leg of our road trip I was running on 2 hours of sleep. We left at 12:50am, destination: Destin.

Nashville, TN

Having lived in Nashville for a year and a half being able to pass through Nashville on the start of our drive was wonderful. I have an insane obsession with skylines and Nashville’s remains one of my favorites. We didn’t stop, but I saw my favorite skyline from I-65, the interstate I love to hate.

Tennessee Alabama Line

I had never been to Alabama and got a little too excited about crossing the boarder.

Birmingham, AL

Our first stop for gas. It was 4:20am, the bathrooms at the gas station were closed and we wandered around the four isles of food like lost puppies for far too long before settling for coffee and road food and moving along. We also saw a weird Zebra Cake/Nutty Bar hybrid thing. It was weird. It made us slightly uncomfortable. It encouraged us to get back on the road. Somewhere between Birmingham and Montgomery we watched the sunrise over Alabama.

Montgomery, AL

We didn’t stop in Montgomery but I saw the skyline for a brief moment and therefore thought is was worth mentioning. What can I say, I have a weird skyline fetish. Also the Montgomery Coke Bottling Plant looks kind of cool from the interstate. Between Montgomery and Destin we took a wrong turn and ended up on 30 minutes of backroads so rough a dirt road would have likely been smoother.

Florida Alabama Line

I took a 20 minute nap and missed the welcome to Florida sign.

Destin, FL

Destin, the reason for the road trip to begin with. We arrived at 9am, we ate good food, we swam in the Gulf of Mexico, we swam in the Harbor, we drank alcohol while looking at the water, we came home slightly less pale than we had been before the trip, I got 3 hours of sleep before our 3:45am departure to head home.

Florida Alabama Line

I was less excited about crossing the border this time but still way too hyper for the ungodly hour of the morning.

Greenville, AL

We stopped at a gas station for fuel and red bull. I have never been so excited to brush my teeth at a gas station in the middle of Alabama. I guess 5.2 hours of sleep in in 2 days makes you a little crazy. We watched the sunrise as we headed towards Montgomery.

Montgomery, AL 

I saw the Coke Bottling Plan. I missed the short available glimpse of the skyline. The red bull was kicking in and I was becoming hyper and obnoxious as hell.

Birmingham, AL

We didn’t stop this time around, however we did hit morning rush hour traffic. We listened to Paint Me a Birmingham as we got off on the exit towards Atlanta/Gadsden/Tuscaloosa to avoid the rest of the Birmingham traffic.

Wildwood, GA

We stopped at a gas station that had a subway. We were less than a mile from the state of Tennessee. I just really wanted to say I had three meals in three states in twenty four hours. The Red Bull kicks in even more and am slowly becoming the most obnoxious person either my best friend or I have ever encountered. I’m trying to stop talking but I literally can’t keep my shit together with speed in which thoughts are processing through my head.

Chattanooga, TN

My third time ever driving through Chattanooga. The first time I bought cigarettes and accidentally told one of my friends about my brain tumor in the process. The second time I had a xanex and a drink while attempting to not murder one of my passengers. This time we just drove straight through. I feel like Chattanooga and I aren’t getting along so well thus far. 

Knoxville, TN

I’m so obnoxious I force myself to take a 40 minute nap to calm down. Pretty sure said nap saved our friendship. Sincerely sorry about the amount of caffeine I consumed, however I definitely gave the warning ahead of time that I needed to be cut off before I finished the can. Sorry, not sorry.


The Road Trip Playlist 

Music is wonderful. We listened to a lot of it. Here is the first 100 songs of the road trip. It is an eclectic list, the things we listened to after we got through these were even more eclectic.

  1. In the Flesh – Pink Floyd
  2. The Thin Ice – Pink Floyd
  3. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1 – Pink Floyd
  4. The Happiest Days of Our Lives – Pink Floyd
  5. Another me Brick in the Wall, Part 2 – Pink Floyd
  6. Mother – Pink Floyd
  7. Goodbye Blue Sky – Pink Floyd
  8. Empty Spaces – Pink Floyd
  9. Young Lust – Pink Floyd
  10. One of My Turns – Pink Floyd
  11. Don’t Leave Me Now – Pink Floyd
  12. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 3 – Pink Floyd
  13. Goodbye Crule World – Pink Floyd
  14. Hey You – Pink Floyd
  15. Is There Anybody Out There? – Pink Floyd
  16. Nobody Home – Pink Floyd
  17. Vera – Pink Floyd
  18. Bring the Boys Back Home – Pink Floyd
  19. Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
  20. The Show Must Go On – Pink Floyd
  21. In the Flesh – Pink Floyd
  22. Run Like Hell – Pink Floyd
  23. Waiting for the Worms – Pink Floyd
  24. Stop – Pink Floyd
  25. The Trial – Pink Floyd
  26.  Outside the Wall -Pink Floyd
  27. Asphalt Cowboy – Jason Aldean
  28. Dirt Road Anthem – Jason Aldean
  29. Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident) -John Micheal Montgomery
  30. I Could Kick Your Ass – Justin Moore
  31. Cocaine – Jackson Browne
  32.  Black Sheep – John Anderson
  33. Christian Zeal and Activity – John Adams
  34. Take Me Home, Country Road – John Denver
  35. Thank God I’m a Country Boy – John Denver
  36. Hero – Family of the Year
  37. On the Road Again – Canned Hear
  38. Sun Daze – Florida Georgia Line
  39. Dirt – Florida Georgia Line
  40. Cruise – Florida Georgia Line
  41. Moonshadow – Cat Stevens
  42. Father and Son – Cat Stevens
  43. The First Cut is the Deepest – Cat Stevens
  44. Mathew and Son – Cat Stevens
  45. Sitting – Cat Stevens
  46. Hard Headed Woman – Cat Stevens
  47. Can’t Keep It In – Cat Stevens
  48. Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens
  49. Mr. Misunderstood – Eric Church
  50. Over When It’s Over – Eric Church
  51. Like This – Floored
  52. Busted – Floored
  53. Nowhere Fast – Floored
  54. Sorry When I’m Gone – Floored
  55. Crying Like a Baby – Floored
  56. We’re Still Here – Floored
  57. Mr. Bassman – Johnny Cymbal
  58. Elvira – Oak Ridge Boys
  59. Bobby Sue – Oak Ridge Boys
  60. Gone – The Black Crowes
  61. A Conspiracy- The Black Crowes
  62. High Head Blues – The Black Crowes
  63. Cursed Diamond – The Black Crowes
  64. Nonfiction – The Black Crowes
  65. Snake Farm – Ray Wylie Hubbard
  66. Amos Moses – Jerry Reed
  67. Sugar Foot Rag – Jerry Reed
  68. East Bound and Down – Jerry Reed
  69. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down – The Band
  70. When You Awake – The Band
  71. Up on Cripple Creek – The Band
  72. Whispering Pines – The Band
  73. King Harvest (Has Surely Come) – The Band
  74. Wordless Chorus – My Morning Jacket
  75. It Beats 4 U – My Morning Jacket
  76. Off the Record – My Morning Jacket
  77. Famous Last Words – My Chemical Romance
  78. Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance
  79. Thinking Bout You – Frank Ocean
  80. Sierra Leone – Frank Ocean
  81. Sweet Life – Frank Ocean
  82. Super Rich Kids – Frank Ocean
  83. Pilot Jones – Frank Ocean
  84. Monks – Frank Ocean
  85. Bad Religion – Frank Ocean
  86. Rocks Off – Rolling Stones
  87. Rip This Joint – Rolling Stones
  88. Shake Your Hips – Rolling Stones
  89. Casino Boogie – Rolling Stones
  90. Tumbling Dice – Rolling Stones
  91. Sweet Virginia – Rolling Stones
  92. Torn and Frayed – Rolling Stones
  93. Sweet Black Angel -Rolling Stones
  94. Loving Cup – Rolling Stones
  95. Happy – Rolling Stones
  96. Turd on the Run- Rolling Stones
  97. All Down the Line – Rolling Stones
  98. Stop Breaking Down – Rolling Stones
  99. Shine a Light – Rolling Stones
  100. Soul Survivor

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