From Living Alone to Living with Men

For the past year and a half, I have lived alone in a newly renovated one bedroom one bath 576 square foot apartment walking distance from my college campus. It is no secret that while I loved the convenience of where I lived and got many life lessons from the experience it is time for me to move on. On Saturday, June 4th I officially returned my keys to my first apartment to move in with two men and begin a new world of life lessons that can only come from learning to cohabitant with two men in their early twenties.

The life lessons I learned from living alone will no doubt translate well into my life in my new apartment with my new roommates. I can hold myself together until a mental breakdown is truly 100% necessary, I can cook meal that is so good it is life altering in 2-3 hours and a meal that will make everyone happy in 20 minutes, I can pay my utilities on time each month, I can speed clean an apartment if it is necessary, and I can tolerate the silence when I’m home alone. That being said there are more than a few benefits that will come from my new found home with two of my best friends. I will always have someone to carpool with to class, someone to cheer me up when life gets tough, someone to try out my cooking (since I never truly mastered cooking for one), someone to share the cleaning with (as well as the cost of rent and utilities), and when my PTSD has me up at night it will no longer be because I’m worrying about how to defend myself if someone starts breaking down the door (the wonders of having all intruders forced to pass the bedrooms of two other grown men on the way to yours).

I’m starting a new chapter of my life in a place that already feels more like home than anywhere I have lived prior to this point in my life and I’m so excited to see what the foreseeable future brings. College is an experience, and along with checking living alone off my bucket list, I’m glad it was also able to check living with my best friends off the list as well.


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