Standing at the threshold of something so new I often find myself questioning if I have taken the correct path. I agreed to an open relationship for several reasons/ Everyone I knew kept telling us how great we would be together. We were best friends and willing to literally risk our lives for each other. I was in love with him.

Entering into something so new, so uncharted was the most terrifying experience I could have ever imagined. I had this though cemented in my mind that by the time we were willing to try and make a relationship work I would have been satisfied enough with the infatuation to walk away. Except I didn’t, instead I opened up to him in ways I didn’t think I still could. I allowed myself to question all of the deep scars left behind from past relationships and silently fought with myself. I was attempting to reason myself into the security that he has never and would never do the same horrible things to me so many others had.

It’s not perfect. No relationship ever truly is perfect. But I look at us as we sit on the doorstep of what is the best relationship I have ever had, what one day might always be the best relationship I have ever had, and I can’t help but smile at all of the wonderful things I get to wake up to because I took a leap of faith and gave my best friend a chance.


Daily Prompts 

As a busy college student I have decided to start maintaining my blog primarily through posts that are prewritten and heavily edited. As a result I have begun to miss the quick writing I use to do on a daily basis when I had the time for daily posts. As a result I am challenging myself to fill as much of my “unscheduled” days with daily prompts written in  5 minutes or less.

via Daily Prompt: Liminal


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