You hear the wood click and echo below your shoes as you walk onto the stage. The auditorium is full of light, every seat is empty. On the stage is a Steinway grand piano propped open, a single music stand set facing a folding table, five office chairs where five men in suits are sit waiting. There is a lingering feeling of apathy, discouragement, success, despair, love, abandonment, astonishment,courage, fright, inspiration, judgment, intimacy, perplexity, ridicule, vulnerability, and so much more. Every overwhelming experience that has ever occurred on that stage rushes over you as you take in the tense energy brought about by the distance from the music stand to the jury panel.

One of the men speaks, his voice echoes across the stage as it reaches you. His first question is one you recognize well, you lift your instrument and play with precision, anticipation, you let the echo of your sound wash across you, the stage, the empty auditorium, the jury panel. He speaks again, his voice reaches you and leaves you this time with a feeling of fear. Instead of hearing the echo of his voice as the sound tapers with the end of his sentence you fear the echo of your worry is washing back on the panel. You once again lift your instrument, this time with caution, you play with less precision, you feel it rip through and scar your soul as you lower your instrument and hear the painful echo of failure.

Another one of the men speaks. You take his cue to move behind the music stand, take a look at your prepared music, try to remember the love behind the work you put into it. You lift your instrument once more, begging the room to embrace you in its echo instead of swallowing you with it. When you lower your instrument seven minutes later you are unsure if you have just given your soul to the five men across the stage or let them steal it from you. The emptiness of the auditorium fills you as you are asked to leave, confused, scared, excited, and unsure of your fate. In the span of nine minutes you felt more emotion than you expected in a lifetime, all because of a series of echoes.

Daily Prompts 

As a busy college student I have decided to start maintaining my blog primarily through posts that are prewritten and heavily edited. As a result I have begun to miss the quick writing I use to do on a daily basis when I had the time for daily posts. As a result I am challenging myself to fill as much of my “unscheduled” days with daily prompts written in  10 minutes or less.

via Daily Prompt: Echo


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