But Did You Get it in?

This past summer I was given the opportunity of a lifetime and traveled a large part of the United States. Because I really like sex and tinder is always one of my first sources of entertainment I decided to give myself a challenge: have sex in every state you visit. I came painfully close to succeeding, and I’m sure many of those stories will eventually end up on my blog. However there were a few failures/almost failures that I’m not sure if I can count on the list. So for clarification on ‘did it count’ I decided to ask my readers.

New York was a beautiful state. I spent most of my time in Rome and Syracuse (never saw the city) and was shocked at the beauty the state had to offer. I met Mr. New York on Tinder and he picked me up from work during my dinner break. He lived at home and I was traveling for work (with no hotel room available) so we decided to take a walk through our teenage years and give the back seat of his car a go.

I have much experience with men who get a little too excited to get going and New York was no exception. I’ve never been a huge fan of someone going down on me, mostly because I have yet to find a guy who knows what they are doing. New York was no exception. I let him do his thing for a few minutes trying not to let my boredom show when he finally decided it was time to try and get things done. He removed his pants and i suddenly was looking face to face with what I can only assume can be classified as a micro penis.

Now despite my number (29, no shame) I have been blessed with an above average number of encounters with men who happen to have a large penis. I’m no sure if I’m just that lucky, or if there is something in the personality of men with a large penis that I am somehow able to identify before choosing to get them into bed,. Regardless I have with the exception of New York only encountered men who were above average in either length or width (and it would be really cool if that trend could continue).

However as I looked down at New York I realized that while I could care less about the actual size of what he had to offer (assuming he knew how to use it) I was at a loss for how the logistics of car sex was going to work. After a few minutes of trying he eventually went limp and I was left sitting in the back seat of his sedan, panties on the floor of his car, wondering: did he go limp before he could get it in, or was he too small and I couldn’t feel that he was there?

I loved New York. The state was beautiful. But it left me wondering if I can cross if off my list.


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