53 Hours and 544 Miles

As someone who loves to travel one of the best parts about growing up and having an “adult job” is having a job where I can travel. Not only does the flexibility that comes with being a student and a blogger allow me to travel, but it allows me to hold a more permanent job that sends me around the country on a regular basis. Looking at my plans for the next 6 weeks excite me as I begin to see my future take shape in the travel plans that I have made and that have been made for me.

My first weekend business trip of the month began at 3:00pm on Friday with my first solo 4 hour drive from my college town to my favorite job in my favorite city. I knew going into my weekend I had school obligations that would keep me from arriving at the time I wanted and as a result I ended up making the 4 hour drive without any stops. No food, no fuel, no rest, just a drive straight through down town Atlanta on a Friday night.

Work was amazing. I spent the weekend gaining more responsibilities at a job I love, preparing for 3-5 more business trips in the next 6 weeks, and learning more about the team I will be working with for the next 9 months. When I found out the assignments for our team a few weeks ago I was terrified. There are people on the team I haven’t worked well with in the past, or who I don’t get along with well on a personal level. However there are also some fantastic new people sitting above us and on our plain that I truly believe will impact the efficiency of our work.

I spent most of the weekend completing tasks early, or helping my best friend complete his. When it was time to leave on Sunday Afternoon the 6 hour drive home was exhausting but more than worth the wait. He stopped for food at a restaurant we had never heard of just because he thought it looked like it would have comfort food I would enjoy and it made the 10 hours I had waited for food seem like nothing at all.

Returning home I have never felt more conflicting feelings about getting in the shower. I was so exhausted from my trip, yet so disgusted from having not showered in almost 3 days. I was stuck in warfare with myself over the decision to slowly get as clean as possible, or to shower as quickly as possible before enjoying a familiar bed for the first time in what had been 2 very sleepless nights. As I fell into bed to cuddle with my best friend I realized that the most important lesson of this trip was that sometimes becoming an adult isn’t a slow transition after all. Sometimes it just takes a weekend to raise your standards of excellence into something that can turn you into the professional you never expected yourself to become.


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