Best of Tinder Bios: Part Six

If you haven’t noticed I spend a lot of time on Tinder. As a result I have seen some pretty awesome bios. Here are 20 I felt needed to be shared with the world.

Disclaimer: Some bios may be edited for length. All quotes are kept in their original context. In other words if you can spell I didn’t save your ass before telling the internet.


I really feel like undersell how awesome I am. I mean I’m Like a damn waterfall of unicorn vaginas or a fried chicken flavored condom. I’m totally respectful to hot chicks, I travel around the world saving kittens, and take pictures of sad puppy faces for a living. Really just here to find some cool chics to hang out with and have amazing sex. Must like to smack me in the face when we are really getting into it. I’m just a squirrel in your world trying to get a nut.

5’7, thin. Single, work a lot. Haters gonna hate, and ain’ters gonna ain’t. The walking dead.

Life’s a garden. Dig it. Make it work.

Well I’ve always heard girls want certain things in a guy: intelligence, humor, passion, spontaneity, a little bit of wild, and good looks. So here’s my answers: Mechanical engineering degree, favorite comedian is Bill Burr, I play guitar, I love traveling without a destination, I’m on the Army’s Bomb Squad, and well…5 our of 6 isn’t bad right?

I’m an easy going single father not looking for hook ups just looking for someone to talk to.

awkward af. Ask for kik/snapchat if you want it, I’m not good at taking pictures.

If you’ve seen a guy fall of his longboard on campus, now you know who it is. I like singing (horribly), playing instruments (not much better), dancing board sports, and many other things. Always down to try something new. I probably like beans more than you do. 6’4″


I’m not saying I’m Batman. But I’m not saying I’m not, ya feel me? Pediatric PA-C working in (city), and former dance instructor from (city). Also I don’t eat meat, so that means if I buy you nuggets I won’t steal any.

Got told by some people it’s weird to leave this blank. I’m still weird though. “I probably swiped right because of your dog. Bullshit. You don’t know if I have a dog or not.

People say I’m weird, and that I look like John Dust 😛

I like naturalist health working out and long boarding. You might be able to tell my interests I have adhd lol and I’m part Norwegian so I’m hot blooded and have a spirit passion, exploration and conquering! I deeply identify with the Vikings! And I used to be a powerlifter that’s why the tire is in the picture lol I am a big crossfit enthusiast! 5’11”

Anime and video games and dessert. Zero redeeming qualities.

I’m not here to fuck your face, or meet your parents, or to buy you dinner.

PRIVACY NOTICE: Warning – any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and/or the comments made about my photos or any other “picture” art posted on my profile.

Just a dude looking for player two. I love all things nerd.

Just looking for some good times kind of new around here. I have this nice six bedroom house on a mountain top and no one to share it with.

I have no idea what hammer time is…or how it differs from regular time. I’m on Easy Street…and if feels so sweet.

I like beer, coffee, cars and fishing. Girls are OK too. Can we go for a bike ride?

I don’t have any kids. I really like food… mostly tacos. Crazy good at Mario Kart. I’m usually pretty awkward. Sometimes funny as fuck. At least I’m not holding a fish…

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