Tinder Pickup Lines: Part Seven

Some more time has passed, and for those of you who were worried my open relationship would lead to my tinder ending can worry no more. More Tindering has if fact been done, and I have collected 20 more pickup lines to share with the world. I haven’t found any full-time FWB to supplement my relationship with. I may or may not have gotten any better at communicating, I may or may not have gone on some dates, but I did turn it into a higher number of matches. Below are some of my favorites. Some are good, some are bad, some you just have to read for yourself.

Disclaimer: As always all pickup lines are completely unedited. In other words, if you can’t spell I didn’t save your ass before telling the internet.

  1. Send nudes
  2. Mom doesn’t know I’m on here
  3. Why don’t you put this big boy in your life? Xp
  4. Hey, you’re my first match. Just started this app. How are things in life?
  5. I have a costco membership
  6. Want to get together and play some air guitar?
  7. I’m an avid bullshiter
  8. Titanic
  9. I have a very successful career in Hedge Fund / Land investments. Want to go sailing?
  10. I’m Daniel Radcliffe’s taller more attractive brother
  11. I use to blow shit up for a living so that’s cool right?
  12. Alright for starters you are just drop dead gorgeous, second off pretty sure that smile could stop a man’s heart, third off those eyes, omg how in the world are you single? I could stare into those things all day if I wanted! I would love to chat and get to know you if your down??(:
  13. Your like, really pretty
  14. I’m currently 1758 miles away.
  15. Do you want to text me?
  16. Well your’e kindof fucking dope
  17. Chuck Norris once told me I had the firmest hand shake he had ever received.
  18. I’m an amateur drone pilot and I make iPhone/Android Apps professionally. Wand to ride my motorcycle?
  19. I hope you like bad boys, beause I’m bad at everything.
  20. You look like the perfect person to help me get 2 for 20 at chilli’s

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