I Traveled the World, and I Didn’t Blog About it.

I started a blog which I then converted into a blog about travel. When I did so I had grand plans to travel the country, and I did. Then I didn’t blog about it. This summer took me to some amazing places, and the adventures I had were spectacular. I visted places I didn’t realize I wanted to see, I touched the ocean, I breathed the mountain air, I melted in the San Antonio heat, and I ran out of time.

I Took the Oppertunities I Had

This summer I didn’t travel because I’m a travel blogger. I traveld because I knew that I wanted to see everything  I could, and for the second summer in a row I pursued a job that would force me to travel. But traveling for work is not the same as traveling for pleasure. It was rare for me to see the sights (but when I did it was so worth it). Instead I learned what it feels like to have to recreate home and office on a daily basis. Comfort was almost never the priority, so I learned how to make the best of mediocre travel arrangments. A desk was never provided, but it allowed me to find my own office every time I changed location. Traveling for work was unpredicatable, but a thrill I needed in my summer none the less.


I Traveled in Some Very Unglamorous Ways

Not everyone who travels for work lives in the airport. While I did spend some time in the air, it was flying to and from work for vacation and not from office to office. Instead I clocked over 10,000 miles by car, bus, and RV. While RV was my favorite by far, it was also where I spent the least of my time. Car travel was comfortable, but it meant fighting to stay awake during long drives. The lack of responsibility from bus travel was nice, but far from comfortable if you were trying to sleep.


I Spent A Lot of Time Living in the Moment

Traveling for work I had no control over my destination. I woke up each morning in a new city that had been chosen for me by someone else. When I had time off I almost never had transportation availible to me to go anywhere most people would consider “worth seeing”. I didn’t always know when I would have free time so I wasn’t able to plan ahead for anything I might want to make extra arangments to see. I spent a lot of time in places “not worth going to” and in order to feel like I wasn’t wasting my summer I had to learn to make the most of it.

I knew when I got home I would be able to say I spent my summer touring 1/3 of the country. Regardless of what I saw or what I did, I traveled 1/3 of the country. If I wanted to feel as though my summer traveling was worth the sacrefices I made to make it happen, it I had to be okay with the 1/3 of the country that was laid in front of me and not go home longing for anything I didn’t see.

This meant that I volunteered for A LOT of extra work. If a coworker needed to be picked up from an airport 2 hours away, I did it (and sometimes took the scenic route). If there was a task no one wanted to do, but I knew could get me bartering points for extra hours off down the line I would step up and do said undesierable task. It also meant, I wasn’t always the most liked. Being the coworker that does the extra work often leads the slackers to dislike you a bit, and being the one working while other people on your team are out for a 2 hour coffee break is not easy on your spirit. However I learned that the only thing I could control was the moment I was in. Some days those moments really sucked, but those other days? Those days made every second of hardship, anger, and tears worth it.


I Didn’t Blog About it Right Away

I didn’t blog about my summer in the moment because I didn’t know how I wanted to express it. I went to a lot of amazing places and saw some spectacular skylines, but there were few places I felt I saw enough of to create a travel guide with any sort of valuble substance. Looking back at what I saw and the lessons I learned, I think the best thing that can come out of my travel this summer is the posts that are yet to come. Sometimes travel isn’t about 7 days in an exotic location, it is about seeing something you wouldn’t experience on your couch.

So Where Exactly Did I go This Summer? 

Birmingham AL ◍ Dothan AL ◍ Washington DC ◍ Jacksonville FL ◍ Miami FL ◍ Orlando FL ◍ Panama City Beach FL ◍ Atlanta, GA ◍ Indianapolis IN ◍ Boston MA ◍ Annapolis MD ◍ Lafayette LA ◍ Clifton NJ ◍ New York City NY ◍ Kingsport TN ◍ Nashville, TN ◍ San Antonio TX ◍  Allentown PA ◍ Erie PA ◍ Pittsburg PA ◍ Cranston RI ◍ Lexington SC ◍ Richmond VA ◍ Salam VA


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