5 Easy Steps for Planning Your First Vacation Together

Taking a vacation together can be a great way for a couple to relax, unwind, and get to know each other better. It can also be a great way to test the waters if you are thinking about taking things to the next step and moving in together or getting married. But planning your first … Continue reading 5 Easy Steps for Planning Your First Vacation Together


It is the shimmer of the sun rising across the horizon in a place you have never visited before. The feeling you get that tickles your soul when you kiss someone important for the first time. How  you almost tear up when you see the skyline of your favorite city upon returning from a time … Continue reading Mystical


It is an empty feeling that reaches not only your heart, but your soul. It is knowing that something that was once there very well might never return. It's a hole in your life that may go unfilled. When someone or something leaves your life it is easily recognized, but when the feeling is caused by the addition or substitution of a person or thing it can be a silent outcry of confusion.

13 Quotes to Summarize my Open Relationship

When my boyfriend and I originally decided to make the transition from friends to relationship the decision to give it a try was definitive, quick, and relatively black and white. The decision about publicizing our relationship was a slower transition. We have made the mutual decision to keep our relationship status off Facebook. When friends … Continue reading 13 Quotes to Summarize my Open Relationship

7 Tips for Surviving College Finals

Regardless of it it is your first semester of college or your 10th it is always important to begin finals by spending some time analyzing how you will conquer them. Each semester of college brings a fresh start and every finals week gives you the opportunity to approach you last attempt at a semester with success with renewed motivation. Wether this is your first time taking college finals or you're just looking for a refresher on how to do you best here is the list of all of some of my favorite ways to succeed.

53 Hours and 544 Miles

As I fell into bed to cuddle with my best friend I realized that the most important lesson of this trip was that sometimes becoming an adult isn't a slow transition after all. Sometimes it just takes a weekend to raise your standards of excellence into something that can turn you into the professional you never expected yourself to become.