5 Easy Steps for Planning Your First Vacation Together

Taking a vacation together can be a great way for a couple to relax, unwind, and get to know each other better. It can also be a great way to test the waters if you are thinking about taking things to the next step and moving in together or getting married. But planning your first … Continue reading 5 Easy Steps for Planning Your First Vacation Together



It is the shimmer of the sun rising across the horizon in a place you have never visited before. The feeling you get that tickles your soul when you kiss someone important for the first time. How you almost tear up when you see the skyline of your favorite city upon returning from a time … Continue reading Mystical

7 Tips for Surviving College Finals

Regardless of it it is your first semester of college or your 10th it is always important to begin finals by spending some time analyzing how you will conquer them. Each semester of college brings a fresh start and every finals week gives you the opportunity to approach you last attempt at a semester with success with renewed motivation. Wether this is your first time taking college finals or you're just looking for a refresher on how to do you best here is the list of all of some of my favorite ways to succeed.

What Growing up in a Swing State Taught Me About Watching Trump Win

Coming of age in a swing state gives my post election guilt a different premise that I challenge everyone¬†to think about regardless of who they voted for. What if I would have talked to 10 more people and convinced them to vote? What if of those 10 people one of them had been inspired enough … Continue reading What Growing up in a Swing State Taught Me About Watching Trump Win

Things You Can Only Do When You Are Single

Happy Valentines Day. If you believe in falling in love you might be having a cool day. If you have a significant other you are probably having a great day. If you are single you are probably writing hate mail to Hallmark. Before you down that second (or fourth) bottle of wine here is a … Continue reading Things You Can Only Do When You Are Single

Breaking into the Capitol and Getting Compared to ISIS

When I was a Junior in High School the Governor of Wisconsin decided he wanted to become world famous by destroying the state. In an attempt to strip Wisconsin unions of their Collective Bargaining Rights he managed to infuriate hundreds of thousands of teachers, nurses, firefighters, and police officers who used collective bargaining to attain pay raises, better working conditions, and adequate benefits packages. As a result the union members showed up on Governor Scott Walker's door step, and stayed there for weeks at a time.

The United States is Anything but a Christian Country

Yesterday, sadly not for the first time, someone told me that "The United States was founded as a Christian country and that anyone who thought otherwise was misinformed" I'm sorry to point out your misinformation but that is simply not correct. A few months ago I wrote an open letter to the leaders of a prominent nearby church who also claimed the United States was a Christian country. As I look around at the political atmosphere of the Southern United States (particularly with Donald Trump as the current front runner for the Republican Party) I find it important to republish my open letter. While I am no longer anywhere near as involved in the church as I was when I wrote this letter I still feel as though my words are important and thus I have left them in their original context.